Arctic Char a la ENR


One great thing about Inuvik: Whenever government agencies want to announce anything (say, an Arctic Energy Alliance and Environment and Natural Resources program to encourage energy conservation) they hold a community feast.

Here’s some arctic char prepared by Aurora College students.


2 responses to “Arctic Char a la ENR

  1. dude..
    that”composition ” is SO tight,.
    you shot of it is WONDERFUL..
    ok … look . im an ARTIST. balance and form is what i DO !.
    you win a PRIZE with that one.
    BRILLIANT. HOPE you see your SPIRIT as i SEE your ART[ PHOTOS]/ .

  2. What praise! People are going to start thinking I’m posting under a different name.

    Thanks very much as always Saatvic! I have to admit, I didn’t put nearly as much thought into this as you think.

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