Neighbourhood on stilts




Here is my new home, Parkview apartments.

Like many buildings in Inuvik, it is raised on wooden support beams so that the permafrost does not melt. (It also gives a nice view of the lake.)

Moving furniture up those stairs is going to be tough.


4 responses to “Neighbourhood on stilts

  1. And groceries!

    I always looked at those stairs and decided I couldn’t climb them. You are brave.

  2. Bah — maybe brave, or just cheap!

    The rent is relatively inexpensive (less than $1000 a month) which is rare in Inuvik. 🙂

  3. Hey… I used to live in the same building… but I entered by the door on the left… as it had fewer stairs….

  4. Also, if the building is attacked, we can pull up the ladders and use arrows and boiling oil to defend ourselves.

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