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Suaangan: My favourite “reality show.”

Please check out today’s new link: Episodes of “Suaangan: Our Strength.” You won’t regret it!

This is a show aired on APTN (Aboriginal Peoples Television Network) which documents life in the Inuvialuit Settlement Region, the northernmost part of the western NWT

The movies are Quicktime files and the quality is very good. I think a good starting point would be “Springtime in the ISR.”

Click Here to see the videos

Thanks to producers Dave and Zoe as always!


Late sunrise

Here’s the sunrise over Inuvik at 10:55am.

Winter begins

dsc_044002.jpgSunlight has been receding and Inuvik is getting fewer minutes each day.
Going to work at 9am now seems much earlier.

Halloween jam night at the Legion

Newfoundlander Tony Sexton takes the stage to play a few tunes.

Only on Halloween will you see this…

Cheers to Frank who played guitar, fiddle and mandolin!

The costume contest winner, “mini-wheat” and friends. (You know, the guy from the cereal box?)

Inuvik’s airport is a busy place on Fridays

dsc_0046.jpgHere’s the airport full of people, waiting for friends and relatives to arrive.

Big visitors in town.

dsc_0047.jpgThere was a pretty large military presence at the airport today; lots of green sacks on the baggage trolley and uniformed officers going around.

Inuvik’s runway also had this large plane. I wonder what is going on?

Back in Inuvik: Plane access only

Here’s the Dempster Highway as seen from above. The road is now closed until the ice road sections open, which could be as soon as next month.