Friday Nights at the Mad Trapper



Inuvik is a town of 3500 people, but you can still catch live music most nights of the week.

The Mad Trapper has a house band, which plays classic rock. (You know, stuff like Trooper and the Rolling Stones.) They also break out a fiddle for some jigging now and then.

These guys have top skills, after playing hundreds of shows.

This band is called Back Up and Push: A familiar technique to anyone who’se gotten their car stuck in the snow during Inuvik’s long winters.


4 responses to “Friday Nights at the Mad Trapper

  1. mark in st.john's

    Nice montage…looks like a fun spot to be on a Saturday night!

  2. Thanks. Inuvik might have only three bars, but at least it has a good one!

  3. hey hey you crazy eskimos. just kidding around the yukon. this is the drunk ass lead singer from butter finger tyler fuckin penny typin to ya all. i am tryin to get some music playin dudes together so that i can try to get a chance to get back to the great white north. i had a great time and hope you did too. take care of yourselves and love thy neighbor!!!!
    see ya!

  4. Here is the link, for people to watch the Youtube clip.

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