Monthly Archives: May 2007

Back from Paulatuk!

I have returned from a day trip to Paulatuk (pop.300) which is a remote community in the Beaufort Delta.


Wierd building, at 2am

I was walking around at 2am (24/hour sunlight will do that to you) and took this picture. It’s not very interesting per se, but it’s prety cool to see the sky at that hour. You’d think it was 2pm.

Dissapearing languages

This flyer is also from the Inuvialuit Cultural Resource Centre. Can you imagine? Worldwide, only 450 fluent speakers of Inuvialuktun?

Inuvik’s video store

We might not have a movie theatre, but we have this place…

Hooks and barbs

These antler and bone fishing tools are displayed in Inuvik’s Inuvialuit Cultural Resource Centre.

It’s a mini museum and library which preserves traditional culture, and should definitely be visited by anyone coming through Inuvik.

Look at the ages listed on the bone hooks! It’s uncanny!

Also interesting is the inclusion of a “labret piercing,” to be worn through a man’s cheek.

Inuvik’s great lakes

Spring is here, which means the snow is melting!

Unfortunately, it appears to be forming giant puddles. It’s a good thing homes are on stilts., which prevent the permafrost from melting during the winter.

A view from above (really, really above)

Here’s the Google Earth picture of Inuvik. The airport is down at the lower right, and the ice road to Tuktoyaktuk and Aklavik is the river, driving upper left.