Monthly Archives: April 2007

A bird in mid-flight

Once again, you can never take a detailed photo of a raven, it’s always just shapes.


A mirror image of a previous post

How lovely to see, the sunlight has returned. Being here in the summer makes the winters completely worth it.

Hello from Aklavik!

This little guy was warming up in a heated car, during the Mad Trapper Rendezvous March 30.

Ice road to Tsiigehthic…end of the season

The Tsiigehthic/Inuvik ice road is currently on 48-hours notice. This means the entire Dempster highway could soon close, but it’s still open.

On April 21, I drove across the road twice. There was nearly a foot of water and slush in some places, and I honestly thought the car was going to sink.

Thankfully, ice roads are well-monitored here and I saw an 18-wheeler pass after I was done.

Gutentag, Tuktoyaktuk!

Here, a German tourist wearing a traditional coat speaks with an elder in Tuktoyaktuk.
(Which proves: Yes, it might be cold here, but people know how to dress up.)

That is one giant shovel

Kids crowd around a gigantic snowplow in Aklavik, March 30.

Hey, it’s him again!

Hey, remember that “crazy-looking but friendly dog” from a while back? He was walking around Aklavik’s Mad Trapper Rendezvous, March 30.