Very significant historical portraits

Inuvik’s library has a small museum section, which displays artifacts and portraits.

I especially like this large angular painting, which is credited to “Father Brown.” (Actually Colville Lake historian and pastor Bern Will Brown.) It is called Delta Whaler and portrays a traditional hunter.

(Note, also, the 1950s haircut on the man in the smaller portrait, as well as the traditional tattoo lines visible on the faces of those pictured.)


3 responses to “Very significant historical portraits

  1. I think if you ask, you’ll find that portrait was painted by Bern Will Brown. He was a priest. He now lives in Colville Lake. A very interesting person.
    Anne Crossman

  2. Thanks!

    I will definitely be contacting him, to say how much I appreciate his work.

  3. Update: It turns out, the “delta whaler” is not anyone specific.

    It’s like the idealized version of the hunter. Pure icon.

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