Monthly Archives: February 2007

Inuvik furniture sale! Everything must go!

Here’s another great thing about living up north: People are always moving away, which means good deals on furniture. (There isn’t a pawn shop here.)


Stencil project at skate park

There are some interesting stencils at the Inuvik skate park. I think they were part of a school project at some point. (The reasoning goes: kids are going to vandalize, so at least let’s make it look nice.)

Pictured here are: MAD Magazine’s Alfred. E. Newman, Bob Marley, and the Weekly World News‘ Batboy, whom they often claim has escaped.

Colourful mini-artwork

I found these old slides in a filing cabinet.

Aklavik’s hockey team…from the future.

“People of 21st century earth…I bring you a message. Hockey will be very different in the year 3000!”

Views from around town, pt.2

It’s getting nicer outside, since we have a lot more sun. It’s been about -30 all week though, which means you can see the heat escaping buildings and cars.

Corn on the cob at -40!

It’s surprising how many canned foods Northmart carries. You can buy corn on the cob, pictured above, or even a whole chicken squeezed into a can.

[LATER NOTE: Once boiled, the corn was pretty good. A little bit too soft, perhaps, but still pretty impressive. I give this product a B+]

Well, now you know it’s scientifically proven

From the Inuvik Regional Science Fair. The homemade glue project won 3rd prize.