The difficult world of Inuvialuktun writing

It’s an interesting fact that Inuvialuktun can be written with the same letters as our English alphabet.

Either way, I am completely unable to read it. (Although I did find a dictionary.)


5 responses to “The difficult world of Inuvialuktun writing

  1. I found your blog today while searching “life in the arctic blogs” on Google.

    Seriously, your blog rocks.

    A former Journalism student (turned PR corporate person) who always whished she had the guts to take a job EXACTLY like yours I really, really love you portrayal of life in NWT.

    Very passionate about the North, I swear I’ll live there one day.

    How long do you plan on staying? I take it your girlfriend moved with you as well from your blog?

    Until then… I shall RSS and read your blog daily. Thanks for posting so often!

  2. Wow, that’s really nice of you to say! I will definitely update more often now..

  3. Oh, in response to questions: Yes, Lindsay and I both moved up here, she works as a lifeguard at the pool.

    As for how long I’ll stay.. Well, unless I lose my job or there is some kind of family emergency back home, it could be a few years.

    It seems there are dozens of reporters who come up here, gain a little experience and leave immediately afterwards; it’s a revolving door of new grads.

    I also hear many stories of how tough journalism jobs can be down south, working in cubicles, competing against hundreds of applicants, earning low salaries, etc.)

    I mean — how many journalism jobs provide free housing and a company car for travels?

  4. wonderful posts… thanks for sharing:)_

  5. I know a newspaper in Inuvik called the artic drum , they are looking for a jourrnalist . Could you look around so friend does not have to work so hard.

    Bless you

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