Aklavik dog sled race

I had the pleasure of seeing a dog sled race in Aklavik on December 26, during the brief hour-or-so of reflected sunlight which arrives at mid-day.

It was quite exciting, and it’s clear those dogs born to run. They have to be restrained so they don’t leap out of the trucks and start racing!To my surprise (though I suppose it should have been expected) I found the dogs to be very hyped up and aggressive; they fought with each other, barked constantly, and seemed to struggle against their chains. However, once the musher gave the signal, they all ran in unison, with 32 legs scrambling against the ice road.On boxing day, about 40-50 people came out to watch the races, and I was not the only person who made the two-hour drive via ice road from Inuvik.One last note: As you can also see from the picture, it’s pretty clear one dog sustained an eye injury. Was this caused by a fight? A cold chain whipping during the race? Is it an eye infection? I don’t know.


2 responses to “Aklavik dog sled race

  1. That sounds really cool! The second picture with the sled and team is now my desktop background, I hope you don’t mind. Keep the cool pictures coming news-man.

  2. jennifer rafferty

    sometimes the tongue will catch on the ring on the collar and get a cut, then the tonge flaps around and mixes with the saliva and gets on the face. i’m not sure if it’s what happened in the above photo, but the first time i saw it on a dog, i thought it was an eye injury, too!

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