It’s getting darker…

Well, it had to happen eventually. The season of 24-hour sunlight is over and Inuvik now has short nights, which last from 10pm to 6am.

It’s strange how I’d become used to constant daylight. I was driving the truck last night with the dashboard lights illuminated, and suddenly realized I hadn’t driven using headlights for almost three months.

This is another view from the apartment window. I anticipate things will soon be like this all the time.


2 responses to “It’s getting darker…

  1. I think that you are now under “normal” daylight hours (at least, like Ottawa). Pretty soon, I expect that you’ll become a creature of the night as I have been all summer. Enjoy the sun while you still have it.

  2. Yes…just wait until I show you guys my tan…in 6 months…

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