The first post: Hello everyone

Hello everyone, from Inuvik, NWT!

This will be my first post of many; As the point of this blog is relate my experiences in one of the most unique regions of Canada, I anticipate having much to talk about.

The basic idea of this blog is simple: I want to express what life is like for a formerly suburban 22-year-old from Ottawa, now living and working as a reporter in the Canadian North.

I hope this blog will help fight some stereotypes (or confirm them, if that’s the case!) by giving my own “southern” perspective on life in NWT.

A note: Though I do not speak Inuktitut, I encountered the phrase “Aniktailijitjutit Tuhagutikhait” in the airline safety manual on a First Air flight, July 3rd 2006.

It was above pictures of passengers affixing their oxygen masks in case of a crash. Thanks to the English translation — and the French translation, which seems superfluous up here — I was able to get the meaning of the phrase.

I found it was an interesting mix; a very old language and a new technological context.

Mahsi cho! (This is Gwich’in for “thank you”)

The above picture was taken at Yellowknife airport.


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