Monthly Archives: July 2006

Here’s the apartment…it’s a nice quiet place, which is only a short walk away from downtown.


Here’s the “inuvik boot grille” I’ve been talking about. Some buildings downtown have stairs and walkways made of sharp metal grills — like a cheese grater. It’ll be useful this winter, when everything is covered in ice.

No good for skateboarding, though!

Dempster Highway scenery in summer

Hunter S. Thompson / Greetings from the northern bunker

Here’s a picture I took at the Yellowknife shooting range a while back, while covering a trap shoot competition. They were nice enough to let me try a hand gun. “Heavier than expected” is all I can say; I couldn’t hold it very long at arms’ lengh.

Hey! My boxes arrived!

"Argh! I forgot to save!""

There were two power outages in Inuvik today, and the internet has been achingly slow.

I’m not sure what’s up, but I have about 15 pictures to post when things get better.